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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My pets-one of the reasons why I play hunter

I've always been a MM hunter ,but I love my pets even more than BM hunters. From the moment when I saw the first WOW trailer I realized that I will play hunter and nothing else.

Now I want to share with my pets and tell you something about them.

First is Tigurcho or my Cat. This was my first pet  and from lvl 10 until now he was always with me. Tigurcho is my quest and Dungeon pet as you can see it's talents.

Next is Babameca or my Bear. This is my tank pet and I use it for tough quests or elite mobs. This pet is also with me since the beginning .

Pauk is my spider. This is my keen and deadly PVP pet. For me this is the best PVP pet for MM hunter. It's better against melee enemies ,but I think that MM hunter has enough abilities to deal with all the casters.

And last Is my still unnamed Devilsaur. It's on my ofspec ,but couldn't resist of getting him .

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