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Friday, July 13, 2012

How to obtain the Cooking School Bell ?

This is something new and interesting . This is not companion pet, but maybe in the future Blizzard will add something interesting.

"Obtaining this trinket will take a lot of work--it costs 100  Ironpaw Token, plus you need to have previously completed  To Be a Master, which requires you to cook max level food for each cooking specialization.
The bell will summon Nomi, who then gives you additional quests. These quests grant reputation, but the reputation is for the specific NPC, not a larger faction.
 Lesson 1: Sliced Peaches: Obtain a 5  Pandaren Peachs for Nomi's cooking lesson.
After 8000 rep,  Lesson 2: Instant Noodles: Obtain 5  Instant Noodles for Nomi's Lesson.
After 16000 rep,  Lesson 3: Toasted Fish Jerky: Obtain 5  Golden Carp for Nomi's Lesson.
After 24000 rep,  Lesson 4: Dried Needle Mushrooms: Obtain 5  Needle Mushrooms for Nomi's Lesson.
After 32000 rep,  Lesson 5: Pounded Rice Cake: Obtain 5  Rice for Nomi's Lesson.
Hitting exalted with Nomi rewards  Now I Am the Master. Getting to this point takes a lot of work, so maybe there are other rewards in the future, like BoA Cooking.
Once you unlock a new quest, you can complete the earlier quests on the same day, cutting down on time."


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