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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Terrace of Endless Spring Guide

Terrace of Endless Spring will open on November 13th on US servers on normal mode, as well as the second half of LFR for Heart of Fear. Terrace of Endless Spring is located in The Veiled Stair, to the north of Tavern in the Mists and the Black Market Auction House. The place is somewhere west of the Jade forest and north of the Valley of four winds.

Here is a little information about the bosses in the Terrace of Endless Spring:
There are four bosses in the raid-

-Protectors of the Endless
-Lei Shi
-Sha of Fear

Protectors of the Endless
"When the Sha of Fear invaded the Terrace of Endless Spring, three venerated jinyu protectors were corrupted, and they betrayed the other mortal sentinels, slaying them all. The twisted guardians have now turned their attention to any intruders who might interrupt the sha's attack on the area's last defenses."

"Legends speak of a spiraling, golden serpent that can sometimes be seen high in the sky, basking in the sunlight above the clouds. The few who claim to have observed it themselves say the creature is fiercely protective of the terrace."

Lei Shi
"For countless years, this friendly water spirit frolicked in the Fountains of Endless Spring with childlike wonder and glee. When fighting suddenly broke out in this peaceful place, Lei Shi saw the crystal-clear water turn cloudy and murky, and terror fell over her mind."

Sha of Fear
"The Sha of Fear is the physical manifestation of terror in Pandaria. Imprisoned by the legendary pandaren emperor Shao Hao long ago, the entity has been newly strengthened by rising conflict across the island."

The gear ilvls are the same as Heart of Fear:
-LFR: ilvl 483
-Normal: ilvl 496
-Heroic: ilvl 509

"In addition, defeating Protectors of the Endless with Protector Kaolan will unlock a new set of loot on Normal and Heroic: Elite. This loot is ilvl 503 on Normal, ilvl 516 on Heroic."

It seems that the raid won't have much trash mobs ,so it will be more boss tactic oriented.

I hope that this information is useful for you and I will try to make a post about the drop from the raid. I probably won't be able to try it soon ,but if I do , I will make a video for you.Good luck raiding and thanks for reading !!!


  1. Wow I get all excited with all this lol =) And SO CUTE lol. =) Brilliant blogg, =)

  2. Thank you :) I hope that you find my blog interesting and useful :) :P




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